Monday, July 16, 2012

Level III continues, along with the rest of life.

I continue to work a bit now and then on level III of the Master Knitter Program.  However, I have also taught the two 10-year old girl triplets cake decorating for their 4-H projects, and helped Will (the other triplet) with his art projectm this summer.  Cake judging was today and both girls did well.  Maddie got an A for her high heeled shoes, and Jessie got an "A+ outstanding" for her sock monkey cake.  Both were cute as can be, and fairly reflective of their different personalities.

The coming weekend holds a wedding reception for the daughter of a long time friend, and she asked me to make a cake for the party, but not a "traditional" wedding cake.  It's an outdoor party, and after much thought and in keeping with the garden party theme, I've decided on a large hat, covered in rolled fondant with a ribbon around the brim, bow in back and orange and yellow fondant poppies on the side.  Thinking this (a 14" round layer, with a 6" crown) won't be enough for all the guests, I'm also doing 4 dozen cupcakes, each with a small poppy surrounded by white frosting ruffles.  Will try to post photos soon.

Yesterday was the final day of the triplets' softball tournament, so I sat through three of their five tournament games during the past four days.  Their team took second place.  Thank heaven for my knitting to keep me sane during the exciting times, and occupied during the boring ones.

I missed the other two games primarily because I have bronchitis and cough all night instead of sleeping, so don't feel quite up to par, to say the least.  Gave in today and went to Urgent Care for another round of meds.  The first round which I got at the Keene, NH Hospital ER while on vacation didn't quite finish the job.

And....while we were in Keene, Clint drove me over to Manchester, NH, for the Masters Day of the big TKGA Knit Show.  (He drove for two reasons; it was a long way and we didn't know the roads, and I was a bit spaced out on codeine cough syrup.)  The Masters Day was good.  I particularly enjoyed meeting members of the committee and Arenda Holloday.  Arenda is a truly amazing person and inspiration.  Her knitting is beyond belief - think fair isle sweaters at a gauge of 12 sts. to the inch, but she is approachable, and down-to-earth.  Some of the committee members reviewed a few of my swatches, which they all thought were acceptable.  I really want to get going in earnest on Level III, but can't do much until I get the wedding cake done, and the cough under control.

Finally, the big news here is that I am going to be a great grandma.  My grandson Nick, and his Amanda are expecting in early January.  That babe is going to need lots of warm woolies.  So there will be small knitted items competing with the Masters swatches.

Life is never dull, at least not for long.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Once again....
I thought I blogged a few days ago, but apparently I didn't do something right because it didn't show up here, which is just as well because I was tired and grouchy and worried when I wrote it.  I was worried about my 38 year old daughter-in-law who has breast cancer, and worried about how I could hold up taking care of her 9 year old triplets while she fights this stuff.

She had the double mastectomy two days ago, and the report was good.  No cancer in the lymph nodes.  So no radiation.  That's good.  She still faces reconstruction, and probably chemo, because of the size of the tumor, just to be sure although the surgeon thinks everything he left was clean.  Triplets are with us and we are getting along fine.  No squabbles, just lots of movies and reading, and eating.  They are at the stage where they think they need food every two hours or so.  Good thing I stocked the freezer before the surgery.

Level III of the Master Knitter Course is pretty much on hold for a while.  I'm enjoying what little I've done - all the new and pretty stitch patterns are fun, but still intimidated at the thought of designing and knitting the sweater.  Glad there isn't a time limit - I may be 80 years old before I finish this!