Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Knitpickers" What's up with that?

OK, so you've been wondering ----   Clint has taken to gathering, cracking, and picking out hickory nuts in a big way.  (We have several hickory trees beside out house.  As an early birthday gift he just received a pecan picker-upper thing, which also works as a hickory nut picker-upper.  It's actually a pretty clever design.  I've never seen one here in Ohio, but he claims they are available everywhere in Texas.  Apparently so, for when he mentioned wanting one to his son, it was in the mail within a few days.  We spend a lot of time, especially early mornings and late evenings, with me knitting and him picking out hickory nuts.  Thus our name - Knitpickers.

Rhinebeck hats

As promised, here are the hats Clint and I will be wearing to Rhinebeck, assuming it's cool enough for a hat.

Rhinebeck hats

As promised, here's a photo of our hats for Rhinebeck, assuming it's cool enough to wear them.

Friday, September 24, 2010

So Far So Good

Thursday afternoon and we are at our winter home in Tennessee.  Yeah, I know it's not winter yet - it is 90 degrees here - but we come down here a few days every month or so.  It's peaceful and quiet here, being quite out in the country, so I get a lot of knitting and quilting done, and Clint works on arranging all his tools and stuff in his new barn.

Planning to go to something called a Country Jamboree tonite.  Don't know what to expect.  The Friday night music venue we often frequent is closed tonite for a private event.

I have made new hats for Clint and I to wear to Rhinebeck.  Let's hope it's cool enough up there to wear them.  Photo will come when I get back to my camera in Ohio, and figure out how to post a photo here.  I am so excited about this trip - my first time to Rhinebeck and to Webs in Northhampton, MA.   We'll be visiting friends in New Hampshire as well.

Trying to Make it Work

Trying to make this blog thing work.