Friday, September 24, 2010

So Far So Good

Thursday afternoon and we are at our winter home in Tennessee.  Yeah, I know it's not winter yet - it is 90 degrees here - but we come down here a few days every month or so.  It's peaceful and quiet here, being quite out in the country, so I get a lot of knitting and quilting done, and Clint works on arranging all his tools and stuff in his new barn.

Planning to go to something called a Country Jamboree tonite.  Don't know what to expect.  The Friday night music venue we often frequent is closed tonite for a private event.

I have made new hats for Clint and I to wear to Rhinebeck.  Let's hope it's cool enough up there to wear them.  Photo will come when I get back to my camera in Ohio, and figure out how to post a photo here.  I am so excited about this trip - my first time to Rhinebeck and to Webs in Northhampton, MA.   We'll be visiting friends in New Hampshire as well.

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