Friday, June 1, 2012

Once again....
I thought I blogged a few days ago, but apparently I didn't do something right because it didn't show up here, which is just as well because I was tired and grouchy and worried when I wrote it.  I was worried about my 38 year old daughter-in-law who has breast cancer, and worried about how I could hold up taking care of her 9 year old triplets while she fights this stuff.

She had the double mastectomy two days ago, and the report was good.  No cancer in the lymph nodes.  So no radiation.  That's good.  She still faces reconstruction, and probably chemo, because of the size of the tumor, just to be sure although the surgeon thinks everything he left was clean.  Triplets are with us and we are getting along fine.  No squabbles, just lots of movies and reading, and eating.  They are at the stage where they think they need food every two hours or so.  Good thing I stocked the freezer before the surgery.

Level III of the Master Knitter Course is pretty much on hold for a while.  I'm enjoying what little I've done - all the new and pretty stitch patterns are fun, but still intimidated at the thought of designing and knitting the sweater.  Glad there isn't a time limit - I may be 80 years old before I finish this!