Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pluggin' Away

After almost two months into Level 2 of the TKGA Master Hand Knitter Program, I'm making progress, but slowly.  I have 21 swatches done, but may do a couple of them over.  I got so tired of the buttonhole swatches that I quit on them - have two left to do, plus the last cable swatch.  All of the patterns and other written work need a final proof reading, and swatches need remeasuring, just to be sure.

I have an argyle sock finished, but not good enough to submit.  I used part of the sock yarn for the lace swatches, so had to order more sock yarn before I can do the next one.  I had one heck of a time figuring out how to seam the instep stitches 1/2 stitch in from the edge - finally think I have it!  I've discovered that pearle cotton is my friend.  I pick up stitches with it before picking up or seaming with the working yarn.  If I've made a mistake somewhere the pearle cotton slips out easily without damaging the yarn.  Now if I could just figure out how to weave in the tails in all that seed stitch, I'd be feeling a lot better about this.

I've made several mittens and although each one looks a little better than the last, I still don't have one good enough to submit.  Fair isle isn't hard on hats, but on this tiny little circumference, it's giving me fits.

I've found a vest pattern I think I want to use, but haven't swatched the stitch pattern yet, or bought yarn.  Plan to do the vest for Will who is almost 9, so if I have to redo it, it won't take as much time or yarn as an adult size.

I finished my rose colored sweater and although I don't really like the yarn or the pattern, the color is nice and the sweater is soooo comfortable.  I wear it a lot.  I also made a cardigan sweater for my 12 year old granddaughter, Sophie, and am now working on one for one of the 8 year old triplets.  Doing some intarsia work on this one, and using a tubular cast on, which I love! (don't love doing it, just love the result).

I've read that level 2 is the hardest - I surely hope so!  It will be a happy day when I pass this level!!!!!
Back to work now...........

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  1. You must be a much better knitter than I am, if you're doing the skills thing. I've not thought of doing that either with knitting or crocheting. I'm officially now your 5th follower. lol, right you are you don't blog often, give it a go, it's fun. Thought I'd pop over and post a comment so you could be connected to me/and find your way to the blogs easier.