Thursday, March 7, 2013

Level III goes on and on and on.....

Still at it!  Level III continues to occupy my brain, my hands, and nearly every waking moment.  I often can't sleep for thinking about it, and am up for two or three hours during the night to knit, eat, write, or otherwise try to calm myself enough to get back to sleep.  I do have the sweater and hat finished now, and photographed.  Dear husband does the photography which I greatly appreciate, and I figured out how to get Shutterfly prints made.  Learned something new there!

I have one swatch left to do, the dreaded entrelac.  I finished the Bavarian traveling stitch swatch, and for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone in their right mind would actually want to do either entrelac or Bavarian traveling stitch.  I am loving the research for the fiber report however.  That is such fascinating stuff, and stuff I wish I had known 25 years ago.  It would have saved me some serious mistakes in matching yarn to patterns.

This is such a learning process.  Stressful, yes, but valuable learning.  Still hoping for submission by the end of this month.  Then I can relax and forget it for a few months until I get it all back and have to tackle the inevitable "redos".

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