Monday, December 20, 2010

Got it Back!

My Level I packet came back from the reviewers today.  I wasn't really expecting it this soon, so was very surprised and pleased.  Still, it was nerve wracking, opening it and waiting to see what the reviewers had to say.  I'm  a bit disappointed if they didn't think everything was perfect, (am I a bit of a perfectionist ?) but overall, I'm satisfied.  Most of the comments had to do with weaving in yarn tails, and since that was a totally new technique for me I'm not surprised.  I have three swatches to redo, and one of those only because of weaving in the tail in the ribbing portion.  I need to make a few minor changes in the written cable pattern, and fix up the answers to a few of the questions.  They accepted my blocking report with no criticism at all, and the hat was accepted too.  (I was a bit worried about that).  It shouldn't take long to get the resubmission ready and off to the reviewer.  Then I can begin to fuss and worry over Level II.   This program is definitely a challenge, but I'm glad I'm doing it.  SOME DAY I will get my certification.

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