Monday, October 25, 2010

Post Rhinebeck Projects

A few photos of the past week's projects.  OK, they aren't actually post-Rhinebeck; I started Mrs. Crumpet's Knitting Bag as my in-the-car project for the NY, New England trip, and finished her when we returned.  You'll notice I gave her big bamboo knitting needles, since she's an old woman and her eyesight isn't good.  Actually, my eyesight wasn't so good either by the time I finished all that intarsia and duplicate stitch.  (She still doesn't have handles, not sure quite what to do about that).  Love the pattern, though.  It's by Kathy Sasser of Tehachapi Sock Company.

Hats are the first Christmas gifts - I think everyone is getting hats this year, and they are mostly from yarn purchased at Webs last week.  Well, I did get the scarlet and grey yarn at Rhinebeck, but it's just Cascade 220, not the beautiful hand dyed stuff to dye for at Rhinebeck.

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