Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sheep and Wool and Webs

We're back in Ohio now,  having spent a great few days in the Northeast.  First stop was Webs Yarn Shop in North Hampton, MA, a wonderful place to spend a few hours and a lot of money!  But, OH, the rows and rows and rows of color and texture and possibilities.  I left there after about four hours, with (literally) three bags full of wool.  I bought a lot of basic things - Cascade 220 for the Master Knitter Coursework, Berroco Vintage in lavender heather for a bulky sweater for me, lots of washable wools and wool blends for hats and kid sweaters and mittens, etc.  Also picked up a book I'd been wanting for a long time "Vogue Knitting."  Books and yarns which are not closeouts are discounted 25% if you buy $120.00 or more.  It doesn't take long to reach that mark.

Then on to Keene, NH, for a couple days with friends from high school.  Lots of fun visiting and reminiscing with them.

Saturday we were at the gate of the Rhinebeck, NY Sheep and Wool Festival before opening time, along with several thousand other folks.  What an experience that was!  So much yarn, roving, fleece, every imaginable tool and trinket for knitting, spinning, hooking, and lots of sheep, alpaca, and rabbits as well.  The fairgrounds has a museum of antique farm equipment, so Clint was happy.  Having bought all the basic stuff at Webs, I cruised the vendors at Rhinebeck just looking for a few luxury items.  One booth which took my breath away, as well as a chunk of my money, was Decadent Fibers.  They have the most gorgeous yarns I've ever seen.  Check them out at decadentfibers.com.

By Saturday evening I was so tired that every time I closed my eyes all I could see was crowds of people coming toward me.  One day at the Festival was enough for me.

New projects are on the horizon - photos coming soon.

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